Certified sealers of buildings

Supplementing on previous training received in the waterproof covering systems, we have facilitated that our employees receive more intensive education and training in the area of moisture-free sealing of buildings, which serves the purpose of the basis training required fort he official seal of approval. The training and further education were focused on flat roofs with bitumen-polymer and plastic covers for waterproofing. Mr. SV Wolfgang Hubner from the IFB Institute for Flat Roof Construction and Sealing of Buildings created a customzed training plan encompassing three main pillars of education:

  1. Artisan education on specific applications of sealing of buildings,
  2. Flat roof focused theoretical training, and
  3. Required monitoring and control at the construction site.

Association for ventilated facades

Since 2009 Pasteiner has been a member oft the Austrian Association for ventilated facades (ÖFHF). The Association provides a platform to support our business partners, architects, and responsible construction companies with the best planning, implementation and quality assurance in the field of ventilated facades. More information can be found at: http://www.oefhf.at